Our Vision & Mission

Helping clients thrive in the new digital age

Set clients on the digitally enabled path through customised solution

Drive creative reinvention through AR adoption

Become more responsive to market changing environment

Bring simplicity back again

Be your 'word of mouth' choice - as you are part of a web of families, friends, colleagues and heed a recommendation from a contact you trust

Support the community we live in


Augmented Reality Solutions: Strategy, Design, Development and Quality Assurance

Mobile App Development: Strategy, Design, Development and Quality Assurance

Hosting for your App and supporting database

On-demand customisation

Solutions enhancements

Maintenance and Support

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Our added value

Focused on innovation

Customer oriented - there is no small or big, it is only 100% dedication

Agile approach on development

Keep it simple

Delivery of a Minimum Viable Product(MVP)/Testable Pilot within few weeks - having a short development cycle - from 3 weeks to max 3 months

Affordable pricing considering above mentioned topics

Augmented Reality Solutions

Business Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Community

Desktop Solutions

Solutions for Developers

With so many new opportunities to grow your business, when using digital technology it is important to have experts who can take your ideas and transform them into reality. Industria Software team objective is to help you outrank your competition using our field expertise.

We are building solutions for small businesses right through to major businesses. No matter the nature of your business, our solutions will help drive new competitive advantage to you.

As a company Industria Software works mostly for Sydney clients however this does not mean we can't work across Australia if you are interested in our services. Working with us allows you direct access to our knowledge base and dedicated service from our team and partners. By using a collaborative approach we make sure we first understand your business and your functional needs before we start building anything that would not align to your strategy.

We have created a unique framework for delivery, as part of the design and development process that allows us to deliver projects of higher quality, faster and in line with your vision. It means that you will have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) / Testable Pilot within just few weeks: having a short development cycle - from 3 weeks to max 3 months.

Great customer service is our motto and something we really stand for, as we want to ensure that you stand out from your competition supported by us and our solutions.

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For those out-of-the-box ideas or technologies you've just read about. If you don't know who can build it, don't hesitate talking to us. Begin your journey here