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Service JOBApp

Product Summary

Service JOBApp is a simple and powerful mobile application designed to respond to the immediate needs of professional technicians that work in residential and commercial refrigeration as well as light industrial refrigeration.

During our development we have taken into consideration flexibility and modularity to ensure/make sure the App can be used across multiple industries with minimum change,configuration and effort, event though it was designed for a specific industry.

We are confident that our mobile app solution is a robust product that will evolve much more further.

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Preschool Finder App

Product Summary

It is an unique product/project dedicated to our community we live in. Preschool Finder app is as per the name suggests a new mobile app developed for parents to find the right preschools for their children.

The Preschool Finder was developed after talking to our family friends and acquaintances, as they struggle to find the right preschool for their children.

Currently covers only NSW state as a start point and we look forward to cover all States and Territories of Australia in the future having the communities support and involvement.

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Preschool Finder Secured Web-Portal

Product Summary

Is closely linked to our project Preschool Finder App.

Preschool Finder is also available on any Desktop / Personal Computer via the Web-portal version specially created for those moments when you do not have access to a smart phone or tablet device.

In addition to the App, the Web-Portal allows preschools registered users to manage and respond all enquiries and request messages received from parents.

In the same time, registered parents can also see all their communication history at any moment in time.

We have integrated for both the application and the Web-Portal a security layer to ensure your confidentiality and safety when registered.

Preschool Finder Web-portal can be accessed at: https://www.preschool-finder.com.au

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Invoicing & Quotation Solution

Product Summary

It's a custom desktop application solution developed for our customer to address his immediate needs of issuing invoices and quotation requests in electronic format with a modern look and feel, to its clients.

The tool is easy to use being intuitive and thus saving you time when generating invoices and/or quotation request.

In the same time we have included the option to export invoices and quotations requests in Microsoft Excel and Pdf file format

The tool allows also the creation of a repository to ensure you have all your clients data available into an established and known location at any point in time.

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Free Source Libraries

Product Summary

As the name suggest these are a set of libraries developed and made available to .NET developers and not only, at no charge.

There are 3 different such libraries developed already and one is in development stage:

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