Preschool Finder App & Secure Web-Portal

Project Description

We are happy announcing the Preschool Finder app, a new mobile app for parents to find the right preschools for their children.

You will be able to access the Preschool Finder in the Google Play app store and via the web portal (at and soon in the Apple app store.

Preschool Finder app is a must have for all parents with young children living in New South Wales (NSW) and looking to find the right preschool for their children. They will be able to find available preschools using the interactive map or search by postcode and get all relevant information such as location, programs, fees and contact details of selected preschools on the map.

The Preschool Finder was developed after talking to our family friends and acquaintances, as they struggle to find the right preschool for their children.

Preschool Finder saves you time - whether you're looking for the closest preschool for your children, or last minute move in a new place within the State of New South Wales.

It only takes few seconds to search for and locate a preschool using Preschool Finder. It provides all the choices available within the selected location or postcode.

With our app you can search for and contact the preschool instantly and directly from your smartphone/mobile device either via email or over the phone.

We show you the result of your search in summary and/or in details, and when you have found the preschool you like you have the option to contact them directly from within the app. You have the option of requesting more information or book an appointment to visit them when it suits you.

Register a User account in Preschool Finder

That gives you access to more functionalities for better usability. The account will also give access to a Web-portal account created for you which can be accessed from a Desktop/Personal Computer for those moments when you don't have access to a smartphone or tablet device.

Preschool Search

This is the main function of the app, it will allow you to search for preschools by Post Code or by zooming on map to the area you are interested to find a list of the closest preschools.

Advance Search/Filter results

Allows you to customise your search by:

  • Search by your current location or by Post code / Suburb
  • Specify the distance from your current or selected location e.g. 5, 10, 15 km
  • Specify opening hours
  • Specify the maximum fee you will like to pay per day.

Find my Location

Marks on the map your current location.

View Summary Details

Found result during search or to other preschool marked on the map.

View Complete Details

The option provides additional details about the selected preschool.

Submit Request for Information

Allows you to request information directly from the selected preschool.

Submit Request for Appointment

Allows you to request an appointment to visit the preschool or to meet a preschool representative.

Share Preschool summary/complete details

Allows to share your search results via social media (such as , and ) or email with your friends and family.

Send Feedback

We value your feedback thus we have included this functionality of receiving your feedback as we would like you to help us/show us how we can improve our app and services.

Secure Web-Portal

Preschool Finder is also available on any Desktop / Personal Computer via the Web-portal version specially created for those moments when you do not have access to a smart phone or tablet device.

Preschool Finder Web-portal can be accessed at:

We have used publicly available information about the preschools to build our database and looking forward to engage the preschools and work with them to improve the quality of our database and the information available about their programs and availability. Thus we apologies in advance for any data inaccuracies.

Currently our database covers only NSW state as a start point and we look forward to cover all States and Territories of Australia.

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