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Project Description

Service JOBApp is a simple and powerful mobile application designed to respond to the immediate needs of professional technicians that work in residential and commercial refrigeration as well as light industrial refrigeration.

Service JOBApp was developed in close cooperation with our customers, to give them the benefits and advantages of new digital solution transformation.

Service JOBApp saves you time and improves operational performance - whether you are looking to record your daily intervention/service performed at your client site, to have a history of them, or to track your interventions/services and invoices.

It only takes few seconds to add and record an intervention/service performed. It provides all the choices available starting from client list, product list/catalogue, and calendar & time objects to make sure your technicians' time is not wasted during the process of data entry/input.

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Record Job Intervention/Service performed on client site

Allows you to:

  • Record job intervention/service performed - end to end process
  • Record and allocate job intervention/service performed at asset and client level
  • Capture client signature to prove intervention history
  • Easily find all job interventions/service history of an asset by scanning its QR/Bar Code
  • Immediately create an invoice for the services performed, automatically passing information without need for double entry.

QR Code Scanning

Allows you to:

  • Allocate job intervention/service performed at asset levels
  • Track job interventions/service history at asset level.

QR Codes Generation

Allows you to:

  • Generate QR codes customised with your company info details to be used as part of your work/assets tracking
  • Export generated QR codes into a usable format that allows printing.

Invoicing & Invoice Management

Allows you to:

  • Issue invoices for your clients, based on a recorded intervention/service, eliminating double entry
  • Export invoices (in excel/pdf format) and send E-invoices to your clients via email
  • Manage invoice status (e.g. Paid vs. Unpaid)
  • Easily identify invoices based on their status (e.g. Paid vs. Unpaid) using visualisation items.

Capture Clients signature on forms

Allows you to:

  • Confirm and prove validity and details of job intervention/service performed

Management of Client base

  • Allows you to create a database of all your clients storing valuable information against each one such as: legal info, address & contact details etc.

Advanced Search/Filter results

Allows you to customise your search/filter by:

  • Search at client level to easily locate and preview client details
  • Search at invoice level to easily locate invoice by date, issue number, client name and status.

Management of Supplier base

  • Allows you to create a database of all your suppliers storing valuable information against each one such as: legal info, address & contact details etc.

Products Management

  • Allows you to build a complete catalogue of products/parts required for your daily interventions/services and to easily group them into categories.

Stock Management

Allows you to:

  • Record and replenish your stock
  • Assign stock to any defined warehouse
  • Transfer stock/ensure stock movement between warehouses
  • View current stock status globally as well as at the level of warehouses.

Register a User account

  • Gives you access to app functionalities, provides the security you need and ensures licensing monitoring
  • The account will ensure role based access to app functionality as defined by the master admin user.

Send Feedback

We value your feedback thus we have included this functionality of receiving your feedback as we would like you to help/show us how we can improve our app and services.

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