Services we offer

Innovate your business with Augmented Reality solutions

Industria Software can help you with:

Augmented Reality Strategy - assess and develop your company AR strategy and direction in line with your digital strategy

Story boarding & Content Creation - from 2D to 3D models - static and/or dynamic

Augmented Reality solution rollout for:

  • Events - enhancing your audience experience during product lunches and other company driven events
  • Ad Print and bilboard ads - bringing paper to 'life', having an interactive printing and allowing the users to be just on touch away from interacting with your company (e.g. get in touch via e-mail, making a call, access your on-line store/website and make a purchase)
  • Editorial - making your company reports more fun to read and engaging, allowing augmented visualisation and drill down into supporting data, etc.
  • Education and training in the workplace and in the academic environment - bridging the gap between formal education and informal learning in an effective way.

Mobile solutions development

Industria Software builds dedicated Mobile Web Apps to allow you run the business and give you more flexibility on a day to day basis.

Our focus is to provide you Apps rich in functionality and simple to use with a reasonable and affordable price.

We use an Agile approach on development, so that you can be 100% engaged and involved in this process. This will allow you to make the right call on it when is required a change of direction.

We like our work to be collaborative and we do apply this in all stages starting from business requirements gathering, development, user acceptance testing through to final release.

Our proposal includes delivery of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) / Testable Pilot within few weeks: having a short development cycle - from 3 weeks to maximum 3 months (depending on complexity) - using a mix of proprietary productivity tools and open source tools.

If you don't like it you won't buy it!

We have created a unique framework for mobile app development as part of our build process that allows us to deliver projects of higher quality, faster and better performing than our market competitors.

No matter the nature of your business, our solutions will help drive new competitive advantage to you.

Solutions hosting

As part of our end-to-end offering Industria Software provides hosting for your newly built mobile app.

Industria Software will ensure:

  • app deployment in secured environment
  • app database deployment and migration of existing support data into production environment
  • database space to allow you to be up and running immediately.

We value each of our customers so we want to make sure you do not worry about this technical process. Let us worry about it!

Solutions enhancements

Whenever you want an addition to what we've already built and delivered, we are committed to address your request and treat this as a priority.

We do follow same process of engagement with you to make sure we understand what you need and to ensure we are developing appropriately.

In addition to any solution enhancement, our strategy is to ensure regular reviews with our clients on delivered solution to monitor benefits realisation, customer satisfaction and understand how can we support moving forward with new functionalities and/or enhancements relevant for your business.

Maintenance & support

Industria Software gives you peace of mind around changes to new mobile technology via a yearly maintenance and support contractual agreement.

Knowing that you have a safety net will allow you to implement changes faster and enable you and your team to be more agile in the face of the constant stream of changes your business demands.

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